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EP007: Erotic Massage



Like us on Facebook and Instagram! And check out our growing Resource page. This is a very interesting show. Enter into the world of sensual ‘erotic’ massage. Ki has been doing whole body, genitals included, massage for over 10 years. He and his partner, Aurora, have an exceptional amount of experience in sensual massage, and even give regular live demonstrations of G-spot massage, squirting orgasm, vulva massage and cock massage. They also get into their profession, the legalities of it in Canada, and why some people would want to go for a sensual massage. Such as after a hard breakup, and wanting some physical touch, but not ready to date or sleep with someone new. This is a very interesting episode with a ton of useful tips for single people and couples who want to spark even more desire in their bedroom, and improve their own, and their partner’s sexual experience. If you want to reach Ki and Aurora, you can contact them on and Thanks for listening and if you have any s