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EP008: Improving Your Orgasm through Tantra



Like us on Facebook and Instagram! And check out our growing Resource page. Tantra is a lot more than simply breathing techniques and some orgasms. The definition of it is “weaving light and sound through form” as our guest outlines. Jacques Drouin has over 35 years of experience in Tantra and he explains how men can experience non-ejaculatory orgasms. AND he explains how men can experience up to 8 different types of orgasms, women 11, and how women’s sexual energy is more powerful than men’s. He also dives into some more spiritual takes on tantra, orgasm, energy, and human connection. This show offers primarily mental shifts and explanations of what tantra is, and some new perspectives on how to view sex, intimacy and pleasure. In the second half, he gives some basic useful tools that you can use at home. If you want to learn more about tantra, he can be reached at or Thanks for listening and if you have any suggestions of topics of speakers you’d like us to i