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EP010: 5 Sexy Steps to Keep the Passion Alive



Like us on Facebook and Instagram! And check out our growing Resource Page. Dr Gayle Friend really believes that personal development and growth is the root of where we start to really have healthy and happy relationships. She goes over her results based, and proven techniques of how to build on the 5 points of intimacy that cultivate healthy relationships. And probably my favourite line throughout this episode, was when Dr Gayle Friend said, “We’re taught to value performance and achievement over connection and intimacy.” It really highlights how we misinterpret intimacy in our relationships. Once we learn how to engage on a mental, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual levels, as she explains to us, we can live a truly intimate and loving life. You can reach her at for some tips on how to keep the spark alive, and how to deepen intimacy. Thanks for listening and if you have any suggestions of topics of speakers you’d like us to interview, let us know! If you enjoyed th