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EP011: The #1 KEY to Emotional Trust



Like us on Facebook and Instagram! And check out our growing Resource Page. Women are constantly emasculating men, because they don’t feel appreciated. And men are angry with women, because they don’t feel appreciated either. So neither of us are feeling appreciated, and it’s creating this back and forth separation. A battle of the sexes. How can women learn more about men and encourage them? And how can men learn more about, and encourage women?  The first step comes down to listening. And remaining emotionally steadfast during emotional turbulence, and allowing our partners to be angry, or upset, without judging them.  Our guest, Sheleana Aiyana, has spoken in front of hundreds of people on this topic, and has a company called Rising Woman. This company is designed to empower the feminine, and create more intimacy in their relationships.  You can find her at, or on Facebook at Thanks for listening and if you have any suggestions of topics o