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EP014: Rope Bondage



Please welcome John Zorklunn. He’s been in the BDSM community for nearly two decades, and has been specializing in Rope Play or Rope Bondage. This is a special type of bondage that can involve very intricate knots, tying up people and then suspending them either from the ceiling, rafters or other instruments. It can also be quite aggressive. The main elements behind rope bondage though, are empathy, communication, negotiation and after-care. Without these elements fully respected, the rope play itself can wind up pretty nasty. This show was incredibly interesting. We hope you enjoy it! If you’d like to reach John Zorklunn, you can find him on Facebook or on under Zorklunn. Thanks for listening and if you have any suggestions of topics of speakers you’d like us to interview, let us know! If you enjoyed this show, leave us a review on iTunes, because that’s the best way to say thank you. Remember to follow us on Facebook at If you have any feedback on how w