The Intimate Lifestyle

EP017: How to have a Swinger Relationship



The ‘swinging’ community, better and more properly termed the Lifestyle, has a bit of a bad reputation. People seem to think it’s for horn dogs, or people who aren’t happy in their relationships, or their relationship is missing something. Turns out that their relationships, and their emotional health, is stronger than the majority of people’s “monogamous” relationships. Cindy and James have been in the Lifestyle for over 17 years, and they even have a business and podcast dedicated to helping people enter the Lifestyle, be that kink, fetish, swinging or any form of ‘monoga’mish’ relationship dynamic. They’ve been through the worst of it together, and even went through a separation, only to return even stronger, with all the tools to successfully enter the lifestyle. And they’re going to share that with you. If you’d like to reach out to them, head to our website for their contact information at Thanks for listening and if you have any suggestions of topics of speakers you’d like us to