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EP018: Myths of Male Emotion



Dr Duana Welch is back again to destroy some myths around male emotionality. It’s certainly not a fluffy show. She explains that men tend to fall in love faster, and fall out of love longer and harder. Men also experience love at first sight at a much larger rate than women. Essentially, research has shown that when it comes to romantic relationships, men are just as, if not more emotional, than women. This is shown by statistics that men, who typically don’t need marriage, choose to get re-married more often than women, after a divorce. And statistics have shown that men tend to say “I love you” sooner than the woman. All around this is a pretty interesting episode. Duana is the author of Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do (2015)—the first science-based book to take you from before you meet until you commit to The One. Duana launched LoveScience in 2009. Duana is also a contributor at Psychology Today and at eHarmony, taught psychology at Austin, Texas universities, was twice voted Professor