Dani Daniels Show

Dani Daniels Show with Karlie Montana



Dani and Jenell coming hot off a night of travel and no sleep  are clearly enjoying themselves.  They talk about their masturbation techniques and how women are more aggressive than men  in strip clubs.  They recount their trip to Long Island and describe their good times during fashion week in NYC.  Jenell, having gone to the Mark Jacobs show,  plays fuck marry kill with Adriana Lima, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.  She tells us about her first sexual experience with her babysitter. Karlie Montana comes on to talk candidly. The ladies discuss their favorite sex toys and the best age to try anal. Finally getting into a game of spin the wheel, they answer questions about where they like to look at their partner while orgasming, what qualities they prefer with men and women, and do some fake orgasms.  Basically it’s just another great night hanging out with Dani D.