Dani Daniels Show

Dani Daniels Show with Kendall Karson and Chrissy Monroe



Kendall Karson joins Dani in her first NY show. Kendall Rented Dani her apartment. She likes that she gets noticed less in NY than in LA they give advice to fans on saying hi to them in the street. Be normal. Dani and Kendall talk parties in NY. Swingers parties and clubs. Bring baby wipes, Lube and Condoms are available. Hot people vs non-hot people. Kendall says she meets cool people in the lifestyle. Girls can come alone or guys can pay or have a huge d**k. Swinger or Lifestyle in NY don’t like to be labeled and has everyone from all different trades.  Kendall loves the honesty and openness that comes with the swinger lifestyle. She likes the power in adding extra partner into the threesome. The ladies then joke around and talk about sending d**k pics to friends when they get texted. Kendall asks that you don’t send d**k pics unless requested. Chrissy Monroe from Love and Hip Hop drops in. Talks rent control apartments and living in the city.  She tells us about making life better from runaway teen, to str