Dani Daniels Show

Dani Daniels Show with Lily Love and Mike Greco



In this episode of the Dani Daniels podcast show, we kick the show off with nothing but porn stars and booze. That’s how Dani and Lily Love roll! They get into things that you wouldn’t suspect even for a second. All I can tell you is that I think Lily is the bomb as are Mike Greco’s cooking skills. The episode starts off on the right track with Dani Daniels introducing Lily Love and slugging down some good old fashion scotch. These two girls talk about their friendships and Lily is the fucking bomb when it comes to taking dick. Lily wastes no time and breaks right out full force with a few cumshot horror stories that will make anyone cringe at the sight of that (pun intended). They steamroll the conversation into the craziest cumshots they’ve ever taken and Dani starts chatting it up about her love for creampies. Things get a bit more down to earth when Lily Love explains her life in Pensacola, Florida and what it’s like living in a small military town. She explains that guys love seeing her and just staring