Happy Hour with Lucy & Nikki

Bants with The Stafford Brothers



Hey Punters, in today's episode Lucy and Nikki share some crazy banter with world known DJ'S, The Stafford Brothers. Matt and Chris are absolute Lords (if you didn't already know) and have just been announced as joining the girls on stage for their upcoming live shows! Chehoooooo BBY'S!Breakdown of the episode- Wildest story (TMZ link that helps explain it all https://youtu.be/x6KBiU4sBwg)- How they all met- What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas - DJ journey- TV Debut - Best place they performed in USA- Their relationship- Other businesses- Becoming a Dad- How COVID has effected them- Parties, Celebs and Festivals- What's nextHappy Hour Live show is back bby's and this time will be visiting the Punters in Melbourne on 12th August and Sydney on 19th August. Keep an eye out on our IG on where to purchase your tickets! If you would like to show your support for Happy Hour please 'subscribe' on Apple Podcasts and 'follow' on Spotify and we would j'adore it if you would rate and review x CREDITS:Hosts: Lucy Jackso