Are you suffering from daddy issues? Do you even know if you have been affected by the trauma bond? If you have you been in relationships where you gave and didn’t receive because you didn’t even consider your needs to ask for it. I have a special guest that I want you to meet. She found herself in a relationship where she wasn’t benefiting.  Tune in on the latest episode as you may be in a relationship in which you need to wake up from and listening to this episode. You will. Show notes: Meet Jake: Come check your compatibility In the US? Text the word: MATCHME to the #33444 to receive information about Jake. SUBE Society | Sugars United through Beneficial Experiences: Access the most hands-on, helpful, here’s-exactly-what-you-should-do, 24/7 support group for all things necessary to upgrade your lifestyle. See if we are the right community for you: Upcoming Mastermind | Want me to teach you EXACTLY what you need to sa