To create the lifestyle you see for yourself, you have got to be committed. You’ve got to be “all in”... or not at all. And if you are, you might be winging it and how you are approaching it, isn’t getting the results you had hoped for. Because if you’re not tracking how you will go about having someone provide, you don’t have a system. And that means you don’t know what your next move will be to better position yourself with getting what you want. It also means you have got no idea how you’ll pave the way for him to provide. Which are all good reasons why you need to tune in on the podcast because I am going to tell you a story of what makes Sugar Daddies provide (from the second they discover who you are, to the moment they decide to provide the very thing you WANT). We will also take a trip into the Sugar Zone where we’ll explore the issues and dilemma of a Sugar Baby. And how one man feels as though we are all too expensive and how coming across this type of man will have you second guessing yourself + wh