We all have an idea of what we want. And for most that is having him assist us with his financial generosity. But how do you know when you are being unrealistic, unreasonable, or low-balling yourself? Whatever you are feeling that stops you from even asking because of how you feel he may think of you. This episode is for you. Tune in as we discuss how much is too much. ++++++ SHOW NOTES | Because SHOW NOTES are EVERYTHING when you didn’t remember from listening. ++++++ Fast Track to Sugar Mentorship | Personalized. Supportive. Growth Focused. A program as unique as your goals. My teaching methodology takes your unique situation and helps leverage it in your favor. Together, we’ll work to attract and benefit from your relationship(s). See if my program is right for you by emailing me directly at with the subject: FAST TRACK Want to be Matched? Come check your compatibility | In the US? Text the word: MATCHME to the #33444 to receive information a