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The Strategy Session | How to Change Your Approach When Things Go Off Course



Navigating the Sugar Baby Lifestyle can be confusing and frustrating. Most days you’re asking yourself ‘What the hell am I doing!?!’ Other days you’re wondering: ‘Why didn’t this Sugar Daddy respond back, he seemed interested when I first got in touch?’ Tune in as I work through a Sugar Baby issues and her dilemma during her strategy session. And how finding what makes you different will attract your ideal Sugar Daddy. +++++++++++ SHOW NOTES | Because SHOW NOTES are EVERYTHING when you didn’t remember from listening. +++++++++++ Level Up with Helpful Scripts, Templates, Trainings, & Guides Choose from the Sugar Scripts Collection (130+), The Sugar Star Profile Builder, Make Him Your Sugar Daddy, and Pitching A Monthly Allowance. These collections are designed to help you quickly reach full understanding of two vital aspects of this lifestyle: 1) How to ATTRACT Sugar Daddy’s On-Demand, & 2) How to better position yourself on How to ASK for what you want…and get it! Save 40% off, By using code: SBSAVE40