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Crafting Your Perception & “WHY” It Matters



Tune in as I walk a Sugar Baby through her issues and provide her with a different approach on how to craft her perception and how you can do the same. And why asking ourselves "WHY" plays a key part of our Sugar Baby Success. +++++++++++ SHOW NOTES | Because SHOW NOTES are EVERYTHING when you didn’t remember from listening. +++++++++++ SUBE Society (Sugars United through Beneficial Experiences): Access the most hands-on, helpful, here’s-exactly-what-you-should-do, 24/7 support group for all things necessary to upgrade your lifestyle. Text: LEVELUP to the #33444 to receive info if in the US. You can also see if we are the right community for you by going here: or These doors are open: Get Special offer before DEC31st by going here: