Pirate Life with Tait Fletcher

Episode 76. Dr Billy Demoss



A lot of people tend to have common misconceptions about what chiropractors do. It’s not to just get rid of your pain or get rid of your headaches…”It’s to get you to live to God’s given potential.”  Their mission is to get you moving optimally.  ____________________________________________________________________   Dr Billy DeMoss [ @billydemoss ] is a successful Doctor of Chiropractic and OG surfer that has an enthusiasm and excitement for Chiropractic that few can compare to. The Chiropractic lifestyle is based on basic principles to live by and Dr Billy excels on conveying this message. He has an excellent practice down in Newport Beach, CA and dives into detail about “purpose.”  He is a fantastic Dr. and even betting human being.   ____________________________________________________________________   We are often asked what the meaning is behind the whole "Pirate Life” thing. We believe in personal responsibility. This means not living the average, helpless life, with average health and a slow decline i