Pirate Life with Tait Fletcher

Episode 103. Ryan Moody



Ryan Moody has been a huge contributor to the Health & Fitness industry for more than a decade. He has broken multiple world records with both Guinness and the World Records Academy in various jumping feats. Ryan had lived in a state of near constant pain since his life altering bike accident at 8 years of age. He spent most of his young adult life searching for methods to help him overcome his pain, while vigilantly pursuing all of his dreams and goals. Medical practitioners have been quoted saying; "We don't understand how he is even moving, let alone doing all the incredible things he now does!" Ryan has written multiple articles for nationally publicized magazines, and is currently in the works on his book; “Rise Above”.  Ryan is also the creator of THEXWOD.com, a program dedicated to furthering an individuals’ ability to build explosive power and speed. ENJOY!