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Ep 84: 90 min Level 2-3 Yoga Class Are YOU Listening?



An Advanced Yoga Class for your consumption! Tons of sun salutes, strong hip openers, handstand, plus arm balances, be ready to rock and roll! Those of you with the app, check out the extra features: class sequence and also the mini tutorial for Vishvamatrasana I wrote a more in depth blog post over at in the Shownotes for Ep. 84 at Elsie's Yoga Kula, regarding listening and how it has and continues to affect my life and relationships.  If you want to win Shannon Gannon's new Album Sharanam please go ahead and leave a comment over at the blog, OR at the Elsie's Yoga Kula FB Page :) Sign up for Newsletter Magic and be in the know of what's going to be going down for EYK very soon! Look forward to hearing from you!