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Ep 86: Meaning and Truth To Sustain, Level 2 90 min yoga class



This episode was absolutely inspired by one of you. I was asked basically how to practice yoga daily. This is something that I think about every day, that I meditate on, and continue to refine. I'm not going to describe my own process but tell you what it boils down to, at least for me: Meaning and Truth. If you don’t first and foremost ask yourself who you want to be in the world, what has meaning, what has value to you, and continue to refine the answer and deepen the questions again and again, whatever you decide to do (be it a daily asana practice) will be unsustainable. If you do refine your questions and lack integrity in the way that you live your life, by telling yourself little lies and convincing yourself that they ‘don’t really matter’, no matter what you do, you will not be able to sustain your practice. Particularly your practice of being the best human being that you can be, with a full and clear heart. I'm only sharing ‘cause I've been there. I tried really hard. Doesn’t work. The more that y