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Ep 93 A 25 Minute Breathing Practice



Discover The Eve Of Your Breath FINALLY!!! The more I live my life, the more I recognize that the most important aspect of the practice of yoga is the breath. Every key insight either about me, a specific pose, the way my body functions or even my relationships has come through a growth in the breath. I remember two distinct times while practicing backbends that they unfolded themselves to me when I FINALLY breathed optimally while working deeper into the postures. I also remember my first feeling of wholeness as I let go into savasana for the first time, I believe because I released into my breath for the first time. The breath has particularly played a ginormous part in staying sane after the birth of Mae and becoming a Mama of two, through three pretty powerful experiences with pain and discomfort (during labor, when my sacrum went out 2 weeks after birth and when my impacted wisdom tooth got infected.) The breath just came to my aid recently, not regarding to pain this time, but anxiety You can hear how t