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101 Tenacious Gratitude 90 Min Level 2 Yoga Class



Leave me feedback! eyogaclass@gmail.com or leave me a message on SpeakPipe Come see me at the New Media Expo in January!  Tenacious Gratitude Thoughts? I can tell you mine. Tenacious didn’t quite feel “right” with me. I felt that being tenacious was not something I aspired to be. It’s too rough. Too hard. Too pushy. Too manly. I imagined the quintessential football player, the one that just stampedes over the competition regardless of anything else, bulldozing through pain, through obstacles, through physical harm - Raaaaaaaaaaah!!!! I’m not that. In fact, it kinda repulsed me. I didn’t want to be known as tenacious. And then I was introduced to Adeline Arjad from Chocbite by my awesome-sauce business powerhouse Erika Lyremark. Arlene said: “Tenaciousness + Gratitude = Success” And then it made sense. This larger than life word that I had chosen not to align with at all, became more than my subjective cultural upbringing and life experience. I let the word be. Tenacious: not easily stopped or pulled apart. Fi