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Wearable tech to help fight bad habits - Maneesh Sethi #315



Maneesh Sethi is the mad scientist behind Pavlok- a wearable that retrains your brain.  He’s worked with major influencers like Tim Ferris, he’s a famous DJ in Berlin, and he’s even hosted a TV pilot on the Travel Channel.  Is there anything that this guy can’t do?   The Pavlok wristband was invented after Sethi stumbled upon a pamphlet of a 60’s aversion research. Sethi had severe ADHD and couldn’t focus or complete a single task or project without losing concentration. After landing the study reports, Sethi paid someone to hit him every time he strayed from the work at hand. This method proved useful and led to the invention of the first Pavlok prototype. It's just grown from there.  Today's podcast partner is CogniBiotics, the breakthrough mood-enhancing formula made by BiOptimizers. This formula starts with a solid foundation of prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health and positive feelings in a safe and natural way. But it doesn’t stop there! CogniBiotics also includes 17 powerful brain herbs to e