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Psychotherapist superstar helps with energy - Stephanie Stahl #316



Good relationships and energy are interlinked. You're not going to feel full of zest if things aren't good at home. And lockdown has put more of a strain on relationships than ever before, which is why I asked Stephanie Stahl to come on Zestology. Stephanie is an international Bestseller in Europe (her book has been the #1 Bestseller in Germany for the last 4 years and has sold globally 2 million copies. She's been published in 29 languages and her book is coming out in the UK. She’s been described by Psychology as ‘Germany’s psychotherapist superstar, and the savour of all people who are imperfect, beset by crises and fearful of relationships’. Her whole thing is accessing and sorting out the inner shadow child. Listen on to find out more. Today's podcast partner is the incredible Fum. FUM is a natural essential oil inhaler. It’s way more powerful than using a diffuser in your house. I’ve been particularly enjoying peppermint which I use before recording a podcast. It’s surprising how energizing it is - it g