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Strategies for coping with intense times - Lucy McCarthy #321



Lucy is a Madrid-based yoga teacher, a friend of mine and an inspired practitioner with a very broad approach. I love Lucy’s work so much so I went and did some yoga with her in Greece. If you want to see a picture of exactly where we stayed, I've used it as the featured image for this podcast on my website. Lockdown has been quite the experience for her, as you'll hear. She loves a silent retreat - indeed her longest is 11 days in a row saying absolutely nothing at all. I might struggle with 11 minutes. THIS SHOW IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: COGNIBIOTICS: The breakthrough mood-enhancing formula made by BiOptimizers. This formula starts with a solid foundation of prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health and positive feelings in a safe and natural way. But it doesn’t stop there! In this way you will explore. CogniBiotics also includes 17 powerful brain herbs to enhance mood, manage stress, and improve memory. If you think about it, CogniBiotics is almost like two supplements in one because of how it supports y