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Saved from email and whatsapp hell (feat. Cal Newport) #325



This podcast will change the way you use your phone, your desktop and your whatsapps! Email is making people miserable; it has a mind of its own and it is stopping people getting on with their working lives. Cal Newport is here to save us from that.  Cal is a celebrated author and I have three of his books here at home.  The average person checks their emails 75 times per day, for heavy users it can be 400+ times per day. The average worker sends 126 emails per day - that is one every 4 minutes - and the constant interruptions are affecting the way our ancient Paleothlithic brains work. 3 working hours per day are being lost to email - valuable hours that could be spent achieving a better work/life balance. And here are two of my pet annoyances Emails with one words: “Thoughts?” (takes a time to reply, takes no time for the sender to send) Whatsapps that say  “How are you” (again, takes time to reply, takes no time for the sender to send)  We talk about these in the podcast too.