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"You can drink two bottles of this stuff" #328



Today we devote a whole section to that most noble of causes: hacking hangovers and staying energized even when drinking alcohol (responsibly, of course). Why the title of the podcast? Listen on to find out. I am unfortunately Mr. Sensitive these days when it comes to booze. Maybe it’s an age thing. Or maybe I always was a lightweight. But just like many people, I still do want the occasional drink. You may do as well. It turns out there are some unusual, radical hacks you can employ to drink cleaner and feel better the next day. Sure, alcohol can be toxic. But so can oxygen, water and even carrots in the wrong dosage. (Some years ago, an unfortunate death did actually happen due to the overconsumption of carrots.) All this tells us that dosage is everything. When you get your alcohol intake right, a review of the literature shows it can boost your overall happiness, euphoria, and pleasant, carefree feelings (1). Sounds good, right? Of course, the best way for us all to avoid that hangover feeling is to not d