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Minimalista - declutter your home and headspace (feat. Shira Gill) #334



Today, clear the clutter from your home, life and mind. How editing and organisation will change your headspace. Shira's book is on pre-order now on Amazon and is going to be epic! (And I suspect a New York Times bestseller too.) Shira teaches that the most important thing you can do is start, and that small victories, achieved one at a time, will snowball into massive transformation. Broken into small, bite-sized chunks, she makes it clear that if the process is fun and easy to follow, anyone can learn the principles of editing and organization. Clarify, Edit, Organize, Elevate, and Maintain. Those are the five principles. Listen on for more.  WEBSITE: www.shiragill.com PRE-ORDER SHIRA's BOOK MINIMALISTA: https://shiragill.com/minimalista/ TAKE SHIRA'S FREE MINI COURSE: https://shiragill.com/start-here/ Sign up on the site and get exclusive extra content, a regular ‘3 Zesty Things' newsletter and slightly blurry shots taken on my phone. DEAL OF THE WEEK: We all cheat sometimes. So it just makes sense to have