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APG 480 – Farewell, Launchpad Marzari



Our crew today: Dr. Steph, Captains Nick and Jeff, Producer/Director Liz. Join us for the latest in aviation news, your feedback, and this week's Plane Tale: "Check-In Confessions Part Two, The Bad and the Ugly!" Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:50] NEWS [00:04:08] Brad "Launchpad" Marzari, RIP [00:09:46] Hawaii Plane Crash: Pilots Rescued after Boeing 737 Emergency Landing [00:34:30] Accident: Cargo Carriers SH36 at Las Vegas on Jun 25th 2021, Belly Landing [00:37:14] FINAL REPORT - Accident: Skylease Cargo B744 at Halifax on Nov 7th 2018, Overran Runway on Landing [00:49:47] Plans for New Wind Farm Thrown out by Councillors Over Plane Crash Fears [00:58:19] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:29:07] COFFEE FUND [01:30:51] FEEDBACK [01:31:04] Rob - Another Retirement [01:34:33] Rob - New Engine Design and Systems [01:37:19] Robert - #AlaskaorBust "Field Trip" [01:38:49] Chet - Belarus -- Been There, Done That, in Italy [01:41:39] Ahmad - Which in Your Opinion is Better for FMS Navigation? [01