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APG 479 – Can-O-Pee?



Our crew today: Dr. Steph, Captains Nick and Jeff, Producer/Director Liz. Join us for the latest in aviation news, your feedback, and this week's Plane Tale: "Check-In Confessions Part One, The Good." Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:32] NEWS [00:03:49] Accident: Mocambique Expresso E145 at Maputo on Sep 30th 2019, Runway Excursion on Landing [00:07:45] Updated Report - Serious Incident ATR 72-500 (72-212A) YR-ATI, 13 Oct 2016 [00:13:00] Accident: Express Freighters B733 near Canberra on Aug 15th 2018, Loss of Cabin Pressure, First Officer Incapacitated [00:31:41] Delta Plans to Hire 1,000 Pilots by Summer of 2022 [00:39:36] 2 Passenger Misbehavior Incidents at LAX [00:44:14] Ex-APD Officer, Wife Among 5 Killed in Hot Air Balloon Crash on West Side of Albuquerque [00:48:14] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:25:16] COFFEE FUND [01:27:13] FEEDBACK [01:28:18] Jeffrey - Aerotow via Hot-Air Balloon [01:31:11] Andy - My First Biennial Flight Review [01:38:51] CJ - Back on the Line [01:42:22] Larry