More Geek Than Gay

Episode 52 - Dragqueenz and Nerdz, or Keeping the Satyr in Mind



It's me and Joseph...I mean, Jagi!Yup, we figured out how to add more gay... Anyway, I start things out with some talk about the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition release, while the bird and I argue.  Then we go right into it.  Joseph has caught up on some comic books so we chat about that, then we go on to King of the Nerds and RuPaul's Drag Race.  We respond to comments and of course talk about all sorts of other things, like Gini Koch books, Screamqueenz, Archer, my pod-bombing Tina on The Blog-Goddess, and of course a mention of the titularly mentioned Satyr, Scott of the Satyrsphere podcast.I sneak back in at the end to give a quick opinion/rant about the whole Hugo Awards/Johnathon Ross debacle (a weird technical thing happened there, so it skips in two places...sorry). Thanks for being here with us, and keep it coming - we will.oh yeah, and my hair is blue. Penguin Sweaters -                     knit patterns