More Geek Than Gay

Episode 60a - News and Such, or This Time It's Personal, Kinda



Joseph and I get together in bed to talk about books, comics, Phoenix Leprecon, Gini Koch's upcoming book tour and my graduation walk, as well as some other stuff of course. and don't forget to catch me on The Blog-Goddess next week - 9:00 pm EST.  It is live and you can even call in!Blog Goddess Radio -- (347) 838-9025 -- Thank you all for helping us grow, especially as we spread to twice a week.  We look forward to your comments!   Gini Koch's Book Tour Schedule -   More Geek Than Gay on Twitter -                              on FaceBook - Compete Sports Magazine -                              joseph's article - Joshue Tree Feeding Program - Phoenix ComiCon - Phoenix Leprecon 40 - The Satyrsphere - Screamqueenz -