More Geek Than Gay

Episode 64a - Prepping For The Con Part 1, or We Have An Announcement!



Before we go any further, if you are a fan of Neil Gaiman's characters or of the late Techno Comics, we have news for you.  And if you know anyone who fits that bill, let them know so they can hear the news here also! Enough teaser. Joseph and I find out how much cats love podcasting.  Meanwhile, we tell you all about the upcoming Neil Patrick Harris autobiography, Daredevil on Netflix, the Wil Wheaton Project on SyFy, and cover some books on our shelves.  There is also some good news for those of you who are looking forward to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, but would still like to just try it out before spending all that money. And what kind of gays would we be if we didn't weigh in on the whole RuPaul thing? All this while gearing up for Phoenix ComiCon next week! Also, for those keeping track, this week's Comic Book Story Time is The Sensational Sentinels in "Into the Lair of the Mind-Bender" by S. O'Shaughessy and Sam Grainger. Thank you all for listening, and keep telling your friends about us.  We