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Episode 65a - Preliminary Talks About Phoenix Comicon, or It Is Too Much for One Man To Talk About!



Joseph is off tending to Gini, so I again fly solo.  And a day late.  Whatchagunnado?Anyway, Phoenix ComiCon happened.  Oh boy did it happen.  We are still recovering from it.  I give you bits of Con goodness, like my lovely lovely Spider-goyle, Kaiju gifts, nice ladies in full dresses with books, and a panel I may or may not talk about. And the short version of talking to Mike Grell and Michael Golden.And Andy Kubert and the Kubert School of Graphic Art.  (I may have dropped an f-bomb or five during that part.)I try to save the rest for when Joseph can join me.I do have a couple rumors going around, one about Star Trek and the other about the DC Movie franchise. Also, if anyone is playing RPGs, hear my cry.I thank you all for hanging with me this week, and we look forward to catching you next time as well!This week's comic book storytime is 1977 5 Star Super-Hero Spectacular                             How To Prevent a Flash, by Cary Bates, Irv Novick and Frank McLaughlinMore Geek Than Gay on Twitter - twitt