More Geek Than Gay

Episode 65b - More Talk Of Phoenix ComiCon, or Where My Furries At?



Trying out new equipment, and Joseph is still not here.  That catches you up to speed here. I know you are all curious about Phoenix ComiCon, so I launch into my schedule.  But first I give my thoughts on Hotel Transylvania and Creatures from the Pink Lagoon - the latter of which you can thank Patrick of ScreamQueenz for. Then it is all about Phoenix ComiCon.  Or at least my experience with Phoenix ComiCon.  Some Andy Kubert, Fon Davis, Gini Koch, Stan Lee, Jordan Summers, Delilah Dawson and others...and you get to find out why I am looking for furries.And I talk about not talking about two panels. By the way, I am still waiting for those RPG stories. This weeks Comic Book Storytime is Wonder Woman in "The Riddle of the Talking Lion" from Sensation Comics 18.  1943, gang! Thank you all for everything we look forward to hearing from you all... More Geek Than Gay on Twitter -                              on FaceBook - Sports Magazine - competen