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Episode 71 - Joseph is Back From San Diego Comic Con, or Yeah, Like A Month Ago



Wow!  We have been quiet for a while.  Sorry about that.  Things and Stuff. But finally, we are getting to hear about San Diego Comic Con!  Joseph was there working with Gini Koch and they had run around fun fun.  And a Penguin book party too! We also finally saw some movie.  Rise of the Planet of the Apes.Gaurdians of the Galaxy - and some passing coments on Infinity Guantlet, Howard the Duck, and Man-Thing. I AM Groot. If you are Groot also, check out Mondo who was selling the print that is this episodes cover picture.  Adorbs!, if you are a crafty Groot, check out the ever delightful Twinkie Chan who gives us a free pattern to crochet a potted Groot.  More adorbs! Anyway, thank you all for your continued support.  Please leave comments, and we shall try to be back on schedule again.  yes.     More Geek Than Gay on Twitter -