More Geek Than Gay

Episode 73, Sept 18th 2014 - No Spoilers, or Look At Me Hitting Day Two!



Joseph got called out for Joshua Tree duties, so I rearranged my notes and here we go First, a thank you for everyone checking in on us! Then I talk about America's Got Talent without talking about the winner, I hope.  And Patrick of Screamqueenz had given a second movie for homework, so what the heck, I talk about the Australian horror/comedy, 100 Bloody Acres. "He wants my potassium!" A bonus song by previous America's Got talent contestant Butterscotch, who I hope gets an album out there someday. Thank you all and we look forward to your comments.     More Geek Than Gay on Twitter -                               on FaceBook - Four Color Story Time - Math Monkeys -   Compete Sports Magazine - Boom Boom LaRue's - Joshua Tree Feeding Program - Screamqueenz - Partylite Candles from Joseph - www.partylite