More Geek Than Gay

Episode 83, Oct 1st 2014 - Be Flippin' Immodest, or I Love Monster Cereals



I appear to have forgotten how walking works and maybe broke my toe.  So take that in as you listen to me try being immodest for a moment... Anyway, this is a follow up on our self-image episode.  I thank you all for your input, and am really glad that it is still reaching people out there.  And in gratitude, I give you homework. Sweet glorious homework. I also squee over the new Monster cereals being available and wonder where Weird Tales magazine went to. As a bonus, I give you "Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe" by Whale.  I don't know why, other than I just like the song.   Thank you so much for all the support, and we look forward to catching you all tomorrow. More Geek Than Gay on Twitter -                               on FaceBook - Four Color Story Time - Math Monkeys - Compete Sports Magazine - Boom Boom LaRue's - Joshua Tree Feeding