More Geek Than Gay

Episode 88, October 15th 2014 - Did You Do Your Homework? or Get Over Yourselves Clowns



Fighting with the computer again.  Dang it. Anyway, Joseph is off to Joshua Tree, so it is time for us to chat.  I let you guys know that I did my homework and tell you about one of the peole who I credit with making me who I am today.  Then, did you know that some clowns are getting in a tizzy about American Horror Story having a killer clown?  Yeah, there is that. And finally, it is time for the new homework, and this time I want you all to share with everyone an embarrassing moment that you brought upon yourself.  Let's own it and recognize it for the schadenfruede (German word for the delight at anothers misfortune) that it maybe even brings to ourselves now.  I even start you all off with one. For the bonus closing music, I present you with "Killer Klowns From Outer Space" by the Dickies. Thank you so much for all the support, and we look forward to catching you all tomorrow.   More Geek Than Gay on Twitter -                               on FaceBook -