Soma Spokane Sermons

16 | Character & Culture of the Church



Last week, we explored what Paul wanted to clarify for Titus: that elders are responsible for clarifying doctrine, modeling godly living, and equipping the church for faithful mission. This week, in chapter 2, we will look at what a healthy, engaged, gospel-centered church could look like. Many of us have seen damaged churches, suffering from the spiritual abuse, hypocrisy, and failures of her leaders. We know that a distracted and adrift church can suck the life from her people and the surrounding community. In contrast, a healthy, gospel-centered church can be a vibrant, life-giving, sweet aroma for everyone. A flourishing church will hold a high view of sound doctrine, the people will be engaged in active discipleship at every level, good speech and works will be the norm, and authority will have dignity and integrity allowing the people to submit joyfully. Imagine that! These marks show up not because of the good behavior and skill of the people, this happens when people become fixated on Jesus’ grace & g