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APG 476 – Captain Jeff’s Flight Sim – Reroute Edition



Our crew today: Dr. Steph, Captains Nick and Jeff, Producer/Director Liz. Join us for the latest in aviation news, your feedback, and this week's Plane Tale: "RAF Form 414 Vol 11." Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:03] NEWS [00:03:38] Incident: Frontier A320 at Washington on Jun 4th 2021, Runway Excursion on Landing [00:17:40] 2 Killed in Montgomery County Crash [00:24:30] REPORT - Low Visibility, Blowing Snow Factors into King Air Runway Excursion in Northern Canada [00:31:31] Serious Incident Cessna 510 Citation Mustang YR-CMO, 03 Mar 2021 [00:36:30] REPORT - Tailwind Landing Factor in Boeing 737-800 Runway Excursion, Halifax Canada [00:42:24] United to Buy Supersonic Aircraft from Boom [00:47:22] U.S. Downgrades Mexico’s Air-Safety Rating [00:49:59] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:27:41] COFFEE FUND [01:29:26] FEEDBACK [01:29:35] Ethan - Electrical Trouble at Raleigh Durham [01:37:46] Matt - Pik N Pig Barbecue Spot in Carthage NC Destroyed in Fire [01:42:52] Rob - Southwest Redeems The