East Kentucky Works Podcast

Episode 47: Lineman and Fiber Optic Training for EKY



This week on the pod, host Trish Adams is speaking with Keila Miller, Dean of Community, Workforce & Economic Development at Hazard Community & Technical College (HCTC), and Vanessa Collier, Organization & Resource Alignment Coordinator with EKCEP about the upcoming Lineman and Fiber Optic Training classes offered through HCTC. From what the program entails to how you can get enrolled--all the bases are covered this week, so if you've been interested in the program make sure to give this week's episode a listen! HCTC's Lineman and Fiber Optic Training program is currently taking applicants! Go to ekcep.us/lineman to apply today, or find your local Kentucky Career Center JobSight at www.jobsight.org to call for more info! If you were recently laid off from your job, you may qualify for assistance in paying for the program. The deadline to apply is March 31! To learn more about EKCEP's mission to prepare, advance, and expand the workforce of Eastern Kentucky, log on to https://ww