Fantasy And Stuff

SIDE STORIES #2: Starting a Band to Fight the Undead



Two bards and a Barbarian meet in a bar and are struck by a mysterious dark magic. They awake in a world filled with monsters, and must start a band and find the sound that will release them from the bone curse! Thanks so much for watching! You can also find us on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, Castbox, or wherever the heck you get your podcasts! PLEASE rate us on the service you're using! It helps us immensely. Site: iTunes: Google Play Music: Castbox: Stitcher: Youtube: Wanna say something, but can't find out how!? We're on Twitter! Find us @WackySmacksTV Fantasy and Stuff is a totally cool, hip, and original Dungeons and Dragons podcast produced by Wacky Smacks and hosted by Jack