Kendra After Dark

The Pop That Changed Her Life.



Today I sit down with Bridget a mom who shares her story of having a stroke when she was pregnant with her second child. Bridget takes us through her experience going out on a hike with some friends and the pop that changed her life. During the pandemic she was able to get her medical card and start using cannabis and we discuss how it has helped with many of the lasting effects she has from her stroke. We also talk about her amazing photography skills and a bit about her self care routine. Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy this weeks episode of Kendra After Dark.  Kendra After Dark is looking to discuss the topics you want to hear!! Please send us an email at with any questions or suggestions to be discussed via an upcoming episode.  Kendra After Dark is sponsored by Gaia Provides LLC. Gaia (pronounced Guy-ya), in Greek mythology, is the personification of Mother Earth – interconnected, nurturing, healing & providing. Gaia Provides is a holistic, Arizona small batch compan