Conrad Rocks

Check in your spirit? or soul?



Do you have a check in your spirit? or is it in your soul? How to tell the difference and what to do about it. There is a broad spectrum in the spirit; Discerning the different aspects of the spirit; The Spirit and The Word agree; 2 Tim 2 the subconscious opposes ourselves; God's people perish for lack of knowledge Hos 4:6; Continuing in and know the Word for freedom; Meditating on the Word to hear from God; If our check disagrees with scripture; Our subconscious hierarchy of values ; Self preservation is incongruent with scripture; We by the spirit mortify the flesh Rom 8:31; Casting down vain imaginations and sowing the word; We are what we think in our hearts; Cleaning our field to sow the word; Being a minute by minute living sacrifice Rom 12:1,2; Making this a daily habit; Internalizing the scriptures for freedom; Scribd