Conrad Rocks

Heart Gathers Iniquity On Autopilot



The Bible talks about how the heart 'gathers iniquity to itself'. I found a parallel with cognitive bias. This is where we automatically filter out information that challenges our presuppositions. I explore finding cognitive bias in ourselves and how we can have fruitful conversations with people that may have cognitive bias. Heart gathers iniquity on autopilot Ps 41:6 ; Cessationists and atheists ignore what Pentecostals don't; Demonizing people we disagree with; Consequences of demonizing the enemy; I used to be a New Ager so I understand their perspective; People we disagree with believe they have valid points; Winning an argument versus the 'bigger picture'; Solutions; Seek first to understand and then to be understood; Ascribing noble intent; Consider the impact of what you may say; Be open to new and challenging ideas; Find common ground and work from there; Follow me here: