You, Only Stronger

You, Only Stronger 06/04/18



Its time to take back your glory years by taking control of your fitness level, right now. Michael wants all to believe that they deserve a second chance and the second chances regenerate daily. If you blew it yesterday, so what? Today is your second chance.As a fitness professional Michael has heard just about every reason why an individual cant workout. Most of these reasons are excuses. With so much information out there offering advice for exercise and nutrition, the information overload state is reached causing confusion and ultimately leads to abandoning the effort. Exercise and wellness is NOT an all or nothing endeavor! The smallest of movements outside of your daily routines have a cumulative effect and as a first time exerciser this fact needs to be stated. In each program, Michael will explain how important it is to maintain muscular control as you age and being fit after 40 is a reality for all to experience.