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Vaccines and Stimmy's - OTA Podcast Episode 362



This week on the podcast, Cory has an appointment to get his vaccine and the South Park Vaccination Special is speaking truth to Rob. In the news, Biden has a prime-time address announcing more eligibility for vaccines starting May 1st. In addition, Gavin Newsom gives the state of the state address and we discuss the state of the recall, and will Trump be indicted this week? We get into it. We close by talking about the Academy Award nominations and wishing Nick Markakis a happy retirement.   Topics and Timecode     0:00:00 Intro   0:01:57 Cory is getting his vaccine    00:19:16 Biden's prime-time address  00:43:42 Gavin Newsom    01:04:56 Academy Award nominations   OTA Podcast Episode 362: Vaccines and Stimmy's  otheanthem.com/362.html     Find more O The Anthem     OTheAnthem.com   facebook.com/OTheAnthem   twitter.com/OTheAnthem   instagram.com/OTheAnthem   Image used by secdef on Flickr with