Soma Spokane Sermons

04 | The Promises



When it comes to growth and change in the Christian life, we face a significant tension. On one hand, Peter tells us we’ve been given everything we need to live a life of deep faithfulness, effectiveness, and fruitfulness. On the other hand, he tells us we have to be diligent and make every effort to mature and grow. It is incredibly important that we know how these twin truths fit together, or we risk missing God’s heart and intention for us. What Peter urges us toward is grace-based effort, where we fill our hearts and minds with all that Jesus is, all that he has done on our behalf, and all that we are now in him. Our primary work is to “preach the gospel to ourselves,” learning to really believe all that is true in the gospel. As we rehearse the gospel, repenting and believing in all God has done for us in Jesus, we’re empowered to live more into the image of Jesus. The answer is always more Jesus!