Soma Spokane Sermons

02 | Doctrine & Devotion



All Spring we’re looking at Paul’s letters to his proteges, Timothy and Titus, as he passes along his ministry to them. Paul was a church planter, rescued by Jesus and called to take the gospel to nations. He did that by proclaiming the message of Jesus, making disciples, forming churches, and appointing leaders. He commissioned each church to be a mission outpost, and he’d write letters to keep them centered on Jesus and faithful in his mission. For Paul, the church wasn’t a side-project, an important but non-essential entity, just a local non-profit trying to help people; it was the very household of God, the people among who God dwelt by his Spirit, and the community entrusted with holding out the good news of Jesus to the world. Unfortunately, all that was in danger of being lost through false teaching and the graceless culture it created, so Paul sends Timothy to Ephesus to set things in order. This week we learn what the good fight really is, why it matters, and how we can engage it today.